The 33 (2015) – Tuesday’s Trailer

Using American actors but keeping a strong, Chilean base, The 33 may not make a big impact in America, and may not even be released in the UK, but this is a momentous film nonetheless.

Based on the real events that shook the world back in 2010, the film follows 33 miners who find themselves trapped in an old Chilean mine for 69 days.

Although some people will be disappointed that this film is even being made in English (it is also in Spanish), I must say I’m very impressed as to how close the film has stayed to the story’s roots. All the miners were offered production roles in this film and there is many Chileans actors, led by Spanish veteran Antonio Banderas. Also the director is a female, Mexican Patricia Riggen, another thing a lot of people have been calling to see more of.

Set to premiere on Thursday 6th August in Chile, then released in the USA on 13th November, I honestly believe this is a real dark horse. It all relies on how much they try to promote this, because although this is a small film, if they really promote this I have no doubt this will become a big film, and perhaps even one of the surprise successes of the year!

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