Locke (2013) – Film Review

Locke Movie PosterLocke

Starring Tom Hardy

Directed and written by Steven Knight

IMDB Rating: 7.1

This small, almost imageless film starring London-born Tom Hardy was never going to set the world alight, but it’s an interesting project which shows something else you can do with cinema!

Tom Hardy plays Ivan Locke, a Welsh family-man in love with his work, namely the major construction project happening tomorrow morning. However, the night before the project gets underway he receives a phone call that forces him to drive towards London, missing the project tomorrow and also missing time he was meant to spend with his wife and kids. On the drive towards London he makes a series of phone calls that start to slowly destroy his entire life.

First of all, I can’t think of anything else I’ve seen that is like this. Ivan is the only physical person in the entire film, with all the other characters only appearing via phone calls. About 20 minutes in I started to ask myself “how on earth is this going to keep anyone’s interest?” The character Ivan Locke is very unexciting, and the visuals already had a repetitive quality about them. I personally would have liked to see Ivan Locke be a bit more dramatic, as I think that would have added something visually that was lacking in this film. However, once the story gets going and more of his life is put on the line then I did find myself getting invested in the story! There is a quiet suspense to the film, not as exciting as watching an action film though, more like if your mate asked a girl out for a date by text and you’re all sat there waiting for a reply – that kind of suspense.

As mentioned earlier, I would liked to have seen Tom Hardy be a bit more animated throughout this film, instead of little sparks here and there. However, that’s probably up to Steven knight, so Hardy shouldn’t really be blamed for that. Overall I think Hardy did pretty well! The main thing for him in this film was his voice – being an audio-led movie his voice had so be convincing and consistent throughout, and he ticked both of those boxes. I was very impressed by his Welsh accent, and it convinced me that I was watching a character, not Hardy himself.

There really wasn’t much for Steven Knight to do in this film as director – or is that just me not knowing enough about directing? However, having also written the film I think the Academy Award nominated writer had enough to keep him occupied during the production of this film!

Overall, while being an interesting watch because of its originality, this isn’t the most exciting or dramatic film you’ll ever watch. Worth seeing once, but I wouldn’t buy the DVD, put it that way.

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