Lana Del Rey – Honeymoon (Album Review)

Lana Del Rey is known for being an eccentric singer. However, her work on her third and latest album “Honeymoon,” has to be her weirdest yet. She seems to have reinvented herself into someone different from what we’ve seen so far. Yes, her unique tone of voice is still the same as it always has been, but her attitude seems to change. Lana has been in the spotlight for about four years now, and these tracks seem to show that she really doesn’t care what the public has to say about her. She sounds just as lonely as she did on the last two albums, but her general attitude also has a layer of boredom and indifference to everyone around her. Meaning, Lana is just as cool as she’s always been, maybe even cooler.

“We both know it’s not fashionable to love me,” begins Lana Del Rey’s first track, and also her title track. The track seems to drag on about two or three minutes longer than it probably should. But this track is just oozing with sadness and loneliness that she feels.

“Terrence Loves You” is a beautiful slow song from the artist. She sings the lines, “But I lost myself when I lost you too, and I still get trashed, baby, when I hear your tunes.” The soft piano in the track combined with her heartbroken tone of voice, make for a layered and dark sort of song. This isn’t the type of song you’ll hear played on the radio, but that isn’t what she wants anyway. Lana made this song with the art of it all in her mind, nothing else.

“God Knows I Tried” has a ton of imagery as she offers insight into fame and what it means to different people. She’s the type of singer who often features themes on her albums that seem to appear over and over throughout the album. The clear theme here is fame and feeling alone. These aren’t new themes to appear on her songs, but these are the most obvious ones for this specific album. On this one she confesses, “I’ve got nothing much to live for ever since I found my fame.” The song gets repetitive as it continues, but you get the general feel of it.

The song “High By The Beach” definitely manages to stand out. It’s much more upbeat and filled with more hip hop sounds than the slow jazz vibe that the other songs have. It also sounds more like a pop song. This one also has a lot more confidence than any other song on this album does. It’s a surprising song, but not in a bad way. It shows fans of Lana’s that she hasn’t completely changed her sound just yet.

Lana adds a whole new element to the popular song “Don’t Let Me Be Understood.” The song is most famous due to Nina Simone’s powerful cover, and while Lana lacks the vocal power of Simone, she still has the whole mood of the track down to a Science. The song is about feeling lonely and pretty much begging to be understood. It’s a different level of haunting entirely when you hear the song coming from our girl Lana. It’s a dark but still a good way to end the album.

The sounds of Lana Del Rey on this album are very different from what we’ve seen so far from her. Even though this new side is definitely different, maybe it isn’t such a bad thing. She’s exploring some different elements and sounds that work for her, and I think they translate pretty well to the listeners. While this album probably won’t please everyone, I think that it was a great statement for Lana Del Rey to make.

Review written by Rachel Geiger [Become a contributor!]

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