Apologize: Rocky – Song of the Week

This week’s Song of the Week is Apologize by the French band Rocky. Ahead of the European Championships starting in the country on Friday, here’s a lesser known example of why France is still the home of electro/disco music.

Click here to listen now!

Coming out of Lille in the north of France, it appears that this group was originally a synthetic/electronic 3-piece. However, the group was completed when the soulful Ines Kokou joined as the voice of the band, which was quickly followed by a record deal. While quite popular in their own nation (a nation renowned for producing sounds of this ilk) it appears that they are yet to break into any sort of mainstream as of yet. This single – released in March this year – follows on from their previous work, a 4-song EP released in 2013, and is the first in a series of releases geared to an album release at the end of this year.

I’m saying ‘it appears that…’ this much because there’s little online about the group Rocky. All that I could find in English was from their label ‘Label-Gum’ (who also represent prevalent French electro-rock duo The Shoes) and a handful of French articles. Everything else online was just the Rocky film and A$AP Rocky.

Rocky Apologize Cover

For lack of a better word, this is just a really cool song. It’s got a great, patient beat to it that balances really nicely between being really chilled and having a lively edge. Also, similarly to last week, the song is fronted by some really nice vocals that offer a soft contrast to the sometimes rough-edged background noises. It all just compliments each other so well to create a really well-knitted piece of electronic music.

I know I shouldn’t but… c’est super!

I hope you enjoy this classic piece of French music (and the Euros, wherever you are in the world. It’s an international football tournament, if you’re not aware), and as always have a great week with lots of love from The Culture Cove!

The Culture Cove

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