Vogel Im Kafig: Hiroyuki Sawano – Song of the Week

Hiroyuki Sawano - Vogel Im Kafig

Thanks to the recent announcement that Attack on Titan will finally have its second season in Spring 2017, this week’s Song of the Week is Hiroyuki Sawano’s Vogel Im Kafig, part of the original soundtrack for Attack on Titan.

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When many people ask ‘what is the best ever original soundtrack’ the answer may not always be the same, but it’s certainly along the same lines. Of course, the best ever soundtrack has to be something by the incredible Hans Zimmer.

Right? Well, not necessarily. If I was asked the question, I would probably reply with this song here.

Hiroyuki could almost be classed as Japan’s answer to Zimmer himself. Born in Tokyo, he learned to play the piano at an early age, and went on to study composition as a teenager. One of Japan’s most famous composers, Hiroyuki Sawano has composed the music for almost every major anime released this century. With 26 anime shows to his name – such as Blue Exorcist, Aldnoah.Zero, Kill La Kill and Attack on Titan (seasons 1 & 2) – along with countless TV series, 7 movies and 2 videogames, Hiroyuki has a truly impressive portfolio.

Vogel Im Kafig - Song of the Week

This song – which translated from German means ‘Bird in a Cage’ – is really special. Not only is it incredibly atmospheric, but it is also dramatic beyond comparison. Also referred to by people as a particular character’s ‘Death Song’, it is a song that follows a similar theme to the show itself. It start happy and slightly mystical, then it suddenly switches into a heavy, desperate sound, before ending in tragedy. This song is a story in itself, let alone when complimented with the show.

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This isn’t a song that can be switched on and listened to on the way to work, for example. You really do have to put your headphones on and close your eyes and follow the journey this song takes you on. I really hope you have the time to do that, though, because this is a really special song to me.

As always have a great week, with lots of love from The Culture Cove!

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