30 Anime Ranking

As an addition to our 30 Anime Review, we are adding a chart-style ranking of all the anime we have reviewed so far on The Culture Cove!

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If you subscribe to our instagram, you probably know most of this chart; therefore we’ve added a little paragraph to sum up each and every show. Of course, if you want to know more, all of these shows have featured in our popular APR series, so check it out in the ‘Anime’ sub-category!

P.S. Sorry if this article appears to be a little unclean – I am writing this while packing for holiday, and by the time you read this I’ll be far away!

So, here’s the list, from 30 to number 1!

vlc-2013-10-23-06-30-27-9430. Arpeggio of Blue Steel
Not very memorable, past the sexualisation of battleships (if you can imagine such a thing). A fairly cute idea, but seriously lacking depth or any believability.

9ad6bcaf4da257a18fe91bddd24af99c9a80990f93a27264e8e2b21b29. Blue Exorcist
Pretty basic in every sense. The colours and drawings lack emotion, the ghosts – while interesting – are not the most exciting I’ve ever seen, and the characters – minus Mephisto – are all quite cliché. A good show for kids, but lacking in serious merit.

3e2e9573-a3cf-422e-a0f8-b62b3256cbcb28. My Little Monster
A fun little show for fans of the teen rom/com genre, but there’s certainly shows out there that have both more laughs and substance than this. However, MLM does have one of the best intro sequences I’ve ever seen!

1278364120227. Occult Academy
Similar to Blue Exorcist in terms of story, but has just about enough charisma and originality to be worthwhile. A good female lead helps makke this show, but it lacks the depth required to get anywhere on this chart.

972e5440e45d8973de6ea6bf54e797ca7cb4d141b6e8a794a2c24d2b26. Sword Art Online
While this may be a popular blockbuster – spawning spin-offs, movies and videogames aplenty – it lacks a believability and real sense of drama to elevate it higher up this Ranking. Fine as an easy little series, with characters that definitely have appeal, but in terms of comparing it to more mature and dramatic shows it’s quite basic.

d72b60ca0dc1f519a2560a383ef5957b64a15961c8e9277cc8c40df625. The Asterisk War
Something that struggles to get going at any point, this is a series that was a real struggle to finish. It did have its plus points – the comedy was okay and the boy-girl lead relationship was good to watch develop – but in the end it felt like a show that never really committed to anything, and floated away on a wave of mediocrity.

keima_12-128-75359624. The World God Only Knows
It looks pretty cheap and simple, but this is actually not a bad comedy. Quite cheap fun, and a bit of an anime stereotype in itself, this is something that would probably only appeal to the hard-core anime viewer.

avatar_fb58b63d06c6_12823. Deadman Wonderland
An example of a great idea poorly executed. What starts as an excellent idea and a superb first few episodes soon mellowed into something that looked rushed and without direction. This is a story with great potential, and with the original creators now bankrupt, maybe somebody can re-boot this series…

9b97f2be9e195613a3264a7723461aaa2e986744ca523a8e55b0dc5822. Say “I Love You”
A very sweet – albeit cliché – story about a quiet girl accidentally gaining the affections of the school’s most-wanted guy, and everything that comes with it. A very cute idea that is just about believable, but lacks storyline and a sense of real heart and pure emotion to take it to the next level.

38e6b743-be67-4450-a6c2-5173b984070c21. Aldnoah.Zero
A classic sci-fi storyline mixed with elements of YA dystopia and full of deception and selfish intentions. While not necessarily the best written show, and not with great characters, this is still a great world and simply a must-watch for fans of space/sci-fi anime!

01736032-fd51-468f-932d-ccbfa50d671d20. Toradora
A very colourful and quite funny story with some great characters, this is a solid piece of light-hearted teen comedy, and definitely deserves to be mentioned as one of the best in the teen-rom-com genre.

kiznaiver___icon_anime_by_arieydstrom-da26qs519. Kiznaiver
One of the most anticipated anime of 2016, this is a show that is bursting with vibrant colours and just as vibrant characters. A fairly basic storyline lets this down, but it’s still a bright and exciting show.

GE18. God Eater
With its own unique drawing style, this is a series that certainly offers something different to fans of action and fighting anime shows. Great action with a strong amount of gore compared to other shows, the whole story and production does feel slightly rushed, and limits what is a story with a lot of potential!

avatar_9921a6b5060b_12817. Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
One of the best pieces of light-hearted fun I’ve seen, Is it Wrong is a cheeky little show that doesn’t ask to be taken seriously. Not quite funny or cool enough to be propelled higher up this list, but it’s certainly a good show for passing the time.

hifvz3316. The Lost Village
A really intriguing mystery, this show started with the potential to be one of the greatest anime we’ve seen. Sure, that promise slowly dies off, but this is still an excellent example of how to build a mystery.

sora-and-shiro-no-game-no-life-128x12815. No Game No Life
Definitely one of the stranger shows I’ve seen, and one that I can imagine divides a lot of opinion, I believe this is an unashamed, absurdly funny comedy. Beautiful psychedelic colours add to the general quirkiness of a show that steps on both sides of that ‘over-sexual’ tag that is frequently used against the medium of anime.

c4d13b62-6c20-4181-b16f-151e9d67957414. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
It may be a complete rip-off of Attack on Titan, but this is a series that is still worth its weight. Grand in scope and with a blockbuster feel, Kabaneri is a very good action anime.

26192113. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
An excellent anime with great characters, great colour and some of the best fight scenes I’ve ever seen in anime. Fate has been recycled and franchised into the ground at this point, but this story on its own is a good watch.

83905417d15a48e79ebf28e6e68c46fb5241eb3f02402a05335a926112. Nisekoi
A comedy about beautifully-awkward teens in love, this is an excellent romantic tale with a unique sense of comedy and drawing style! Out of all the hundreds of teen-rom-coms in anime, this has to be one of (if not the) best.

avatar_7dae441338a1_12811. Tanaka-kun is Always Listless
Fantastically unique, Tanaka-kun is a surprisingly heart-warming series, and that’s not even its strongest suit: this is an incredibly simple, yet incredibly funny anime!

And now, time for our top 10 anime…

jy8sqkim10. RWBY
What started as cheap fun soon spiralled into an incredibly entertaining and eye-catching show. Beautiful fighting scenes and a mass of colourful and unique characters – alongside the small runtime of each episode and series – makes this series impossible to put down, and impossible to not love!

4457d3f8-5595-4ffc-9299-3d362a04b5989. Steins;Gate
A really clever show about the discovery of time-travel then blends mystery and drama with classic anime staples such as quirky characters and funny relationships. With some of the most well-rounded characters I’ve seen in anime, and some of the most honest relationships between them, this is definitely worth watching!

402fc943-a04a-4995-94f4-fe3fa65a49438. Akame Ga Kill
A somewhat basic tale from the outside, this is a show that excels in creating numerous unique and lovable characters, and then pulls no punches in terms of killing those characters off! An extremely exciting, pulling-no-punches action anime with an excellent character set.

814131019189_anime-shirobako-2-dvd-primary7. Shiro Bako
Such a simple idea, but at heart this is a really intelligent and down-to-earth story about a group of childhood friends chasing their dreams. Slightly rose-tinted, yes, but it still feels very real, and is quite the lesson in terms of how anime is actually made while still being entertaining in its own right!

avatar_9a3471530980_1286. Tokyo Ghoul
A fantastic blend of western YA dystopia and monstrous anime action, Tokyo Ghoul is certainly one of those shows that will continue to set the benchmark for its genre. A great story – ticking off areas such as ‘lead who dislikes one group then has to join them’ and ‘A believes we should live like this, B believes we should live like that’ – wraps all the beautiful, dark shots together to create one of the best action/supernatural anime of all time.

dffd7567-857d-4171-aaad-e49155815f475. Anohana
A beautiful story that turns the cliché coming-of-age idea and turns it into something fresh, vibrant and tragically beautiful. Truly stunning drawings help complete this emotional tale.

avatar_3d7558ea84d9_1284. Your Lie in April
An incredibly emotional story, written with more care and intelligence than I’ve seen from the majority of western YA authors. YLiA is certainly one of the most heartfelt stories I’ve ever seen across all mediums, and something I think all story-lovers should watch.

Code Geass Poster

3. Code Geass
A show full of plot-twists and double-identities, there’s few shows which have as many forces and sub-plots in play at once as Code Geass does. Led by the incredible Lelouch, this is a show that delivers in the action, romance, even comedy genres at levels most specialist shows would fail to match.


2. Durarara
This is a truly incredible show, purely for the fact that it never shouts. An incredible array of characters that the show convinces you are normal take you on one of the most extraordinary journeys I’ve ever witnessed.

Attack on Titan - Winner - Best Anime

1. Attack on Titan
A story as epic in scope as it is tragic, Attack on Titan is still comfortably the king of drama, but also one of the best in every single department. With excellent characters, top-quality drawing and some of the best storytelling I’ve seen, Attack on Titan is a worthy winner of our 30 Anime Ranking!

FWThat’s our list! Do you agree? Let us know your favourites! Anime Pocket Reviews returns next week with three brand new reviews, including the increasingly popular Food Wars!

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