Birthday Card: Marcus Marr & Chet Faker – Song of the Week

Marcus Marr & Chet Faker - Birthday Card - Song of the Week

This week’s Song of the Week is Birthday Card, by Marcus Marr and Chet Faker.

Click here to listen now!

Marcus Marr is a DJ/producer hailing from London, UK. Something of a journeyman in terms of where he does his DJ work, Marr appears now to do as much of his work outside of the UK as he does inside. Marr is a regular performer at a famous nightclub in Berlin, and a quick look at his twitter feed brings up a multitude of countries, mainly in Europe but also in the USA.

Marr’s globetrotter status may explain this link up with Chet Faker. Born in Australia, Chet originally signed to major American label Downtown Records in 2012, where Marcus Marr most recently toured (or he might still be touring around the US, I’m not sure). One of the biggest artists to come out of Australia this decade, Chet Faker’s electronic music has not only won him multiple awards in Oz, but his name is recognizable to most people with an interest in music.

The song Birthday Card features on the EP Work, released at the end of 2015 and featuring four songs, all of which are collaborations between Marcus Marr and Chet Faker.

Marcus Marr & Chet Faker - Birthday Card - Song of the Week

This is a really cool piece of music that wouldn’t sound out-of-place in any club across the world. Marcus Marr’s beat is measured and controlled, and Chet Faker’s voice accompanies that beat perfectly. This is a really long song – clocking in at over 7&1/2 minutes long – but it keeps its tempo and mood the whole way, without losing interest. The beat isn’t as fast and in-your-face as some other club tunes, but it’s not quite chillout either. It finds its speed and sticks with it, and it’s really nice to listen to.

I hope you enjoy listening to this song, and as always have a great week, with lots of love from The Culture Cove!

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