Mary Jane (Girl Remix) – Smiley Face & Jamie XX: Song of the Week

Smileyface & Jamie XX - Mary Jane Remix: Song of the Week

This week’s Song of the Week is Jamie XX’s remix of Mary Jane, by Smiley Face.

Warning: Explicit mention of drug use from the start.

Click here to listen now!

Jamie XX is somebody that I’ve already featured on here with his song Loud Places, so click there if you want to know more about the UK-born producer and his style.

Smileyface is an American rapper and is also one half of the Chophouze production team, based in North Carolina. While the name Smileyface may not ring a bell with people who are not well versed in American rappers, the names that he has worked with under the Chophouze name – including Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Travis Porter & Busta Rhymes to name a few – mean that this is a man that has his finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to the American rap scene. This song features at #23 on Smileyface’s 27 (twenty-seven!) songs-long album ‘Feeling Groovy: For Smoke Sessions Only’ album from 2015. I was unable to find any original version of the song.

Smileyface & Jamie XX - Mary Jane Remix: Song of the Week

There is a theme that runs through Smileyface’s music, and also features predominantly in the majority of songs produced with Chophouze, and that is Marijuana. I feel like an old man talking about it in this sense, but it’s an issue that has many varying opinions in terms of its dangers. I’m not going to talk about my personal opinion, but it needs to be mentioned that this is a song that speaks solely about smoking weed, from beginning to end.

However, on a personal level I’ve always weighed more importance on the beat and flow of a track as opposed to lyrics or any sort of message that’s being put out, and Jamie XX’s beat – something we’ve already praised him for in a previous SotW – is just superb to listen to. The rapping, regardless of message, is also really smooth and accompanies the beat perfectly.

I’ve always seen this blog – which started as predominantly film reviews – as a way of introducing people to pieces, from all sorts of mediums, that they otherwise would never experience. I think this song is a perfect example of that.

I really do hope you enjoy listening to this song, because I’ve been listening to it for the past month or so, and as always have a great week, with lots of love from The Culture Cove!

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