Impression of You : Giraffage, Viceroy & Patrick Baker – Song of the Week

Impression of You Giraffage - Song of the Week

This week’s Song of the Week is Impression of You by Giraffage & Viceroy, featuring Patrick Baker.

Click here to listen now!

Giraffage – electronic music producer Charlie Yin – is something of a music journeyman, despite being a well-respected person in the electronic scene. His career started under the name Robot Science, self-releasing three albums under the name from 2009 to 2011, before changing to his current moniker Giraffage. He continued to steadily self-publish his music online before being picked up to work with French label Kitsuné, collaborating with such artists as Orlando-based XXYYXX. The recent years have been filled for Giraffage with supporting acts on the USA tours of Phantogram and Porter Robinson, popular remixes of hits such as R. Kelly’s Ignition along with singles and albums with a collection of different labels, such as Fool’s Gold Records. The single Impression of You was released in 2015 under the Dim Mak label.

Impression of You - Viceroy - Song of the WeekViceroy, who Giraffage collaborates with in this single, shares many characteristics with Charlie Yin. Also known as San Francisco DJ Austen Afridi, Viceroy has made a name for himself with his distinctive summer vibes – his website uses the tagline ‘Summertime All the Time’. Releasing multiple singles under multiple labels this decade, along with tours in America and abroad, Viceroy has slowly been making a small name for himself in the DJ world.

The vocals for Impression of You come from Patrick Baker. Nashville-born, Baker’s voice and original songs can be described as a slightly modernised version of country music, with classic guitar strings meshed with soft disco bass. In April 2016, after this songs success, Patrick Baker supplied vocals for another Viceroy single, titled Next Escape.

Impression of You: Giraffage & Viceroy, Patrick Baker - Song of the Week

While looking at a song like this can become confusing due to there being multiple hands in its creation, there’s no denying that the three of them have come together and produced an excellent piece of music here. I say it’s a bit muddy, but when you focus and also listen to each artist’s other songs, you can really hear what each artist has brought to the table. Giraffage’s really good touch when it comes to pace and beat – a la recent Song of the Week feature ZHU – marries perfectly with Viceroy’s staple summertime vibes. The whole piece is glitter-topped by the excellent vocals of Patrick Baker, creating what has to be one of the best electronic-dance songs I’ve heard in a long time.

I really hope you enjoy listening to this really strong dance song – maybe it will help you squeeze the last hopeful bits of sun out of the year before winter sets in – and as always have a great week with lots of love from The Culture Cove!


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