Green: Billie Marten – Song of the Week

Green: Billie Marten - Song of the Week

This week’s Song of the Week is Green by Billie Marten.

Click here to listen now!

Note: I know the items above are only previews for the song, and for that I apologise. This song is actually just one off her new album (see below) and not a more publicised single release. Therefore it is less widely appreciated and available online as some of Billie Marten’s bigger songs. I couldn’t find anything else out there!

Billie Marten – whose real name is Isabella Sophie Tweddle – could definitely be seen as a part of the new, modern generation. This is thanks to her singing back in 2011 where, at the young age of 12, uploaded a ‘performance’ onto YouTube which achieved over 100,000 views. Her potential, seen from a young age, led to her releasing her first EP three years later. Keeping on that upward trajectory, Billie Marten was nominated for the prestigious BBC Sound of 2016 – an incredible fifteen artist list including artists such as NAO, Frances, Dua Lipa and Jack Garratt. Her first album followed. Writing of Blues and Yellows was released at the end of September this year, and has been widely acclaimed, with some people already comparing the young future starlet to majorly influential artists such as Kate Bush.

Green: Billie Marten - Song of the Week

Writing of Blues and Yellows – Billie Marten

This song is certainly a shift from the flurry of electronic dance tracks that have dominated Song of the Week for so long. Billie Marten’s beautiful voice helps create what is such an atmospheric track here, her voice helping to create a song that feels really emotional. While I would never call myself a folk/country music fan, Green’s patient, really well-measured beat and tempo really bring this song to a new level.

I really hope you enjoy listening to this song, a song that offers something different than this site’s usual offering, and as always have a great week with lots of love from The Culture Cove!


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