Meet the Frownies: (Mr) Twin Sister – Song of the Week

We’re back with our weekly random song recommendations! We’re starting off June by bringing it back with a fantastic early single by Mr Twin Sister. This is Meet the Frownies!

A somewhat enigmatic group, Mr Twin Sister – formally called Twin Sister – hail out of Long Island, NY, USA. Formed in 2008, the group broke into the alt-rock scene with the 2010 release of their second EP Colour Your Life which, coupled in the UK with their 2008 debut EP Vampires With Dreaming Kids, earned them some serious recognition in the genre. 2010 also saw the release of this particular single, Meet The Frownies. Despite the promising start, the band – seemingly working to their own rhythm ever since – have only two albums to their name, the latest being the 2014 band-titled Mr Twin Sister, released through the group’s own label.

Some people might recognise the tune in Meet the Frownies, as it is supposedly sampled in Kendrick Lamar’s 2012 song The Recipe. However, that isn’t what brought me to this song, and I honestly can’t imagine how the two artists would blend!

Meet the Frownies is a beautifully simple piece of alt-rock that definitely reminds you of the mid-to-late noughties.

A smooth voice interludes between delicately manufactured sounds in a wistful piece of music that, as we mentioned about the band themselves, moves at its own pace and for its own purpose. It’s the type of song you can easily get lost in, while a late kick really brings the record home nicely!

Meet the Frownies Twin Sister - Song of the Week

Hopefully this will be the perfect song for your lazy early summer days. Keep subscribed for regular music recommendations, and have a great week from everyone at The Culture Cove!

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