Swim High: Rivka – Song of the Week

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I’m actually away this weekend in another country, and with relaxing on my mind I am leaving you with a song that I will certainly be playing by the pool this week. This is Swim High by BABYTEETH and Rivka Rose.

Please forgive me if anything I write here is wrong, as I’ve had to discover these two from scratch minutes before going away, and like many truly indie bands, their bios are here, there, and everywhere!

Hailing from Pittsburgh, USA, Rivka are, or were, a soft electronic male/female duo who met during their time at Pittsburgh University and discovered a common interest in chilled music. The EP Faded, released in 2013 and featuring this song, seems to be the only album they made together before they went separate ways, with producer Reggie Wilkins aka BABYTEETH working solo and Rebecca Dulberg (Rivka Rose) now working closely with NY indie group Undercover Dream Lovers.

Basically, these two are beautiful free spirits that just happened to collide and make a fantastic piece of music.

Swim High: Rivka - Song of the Week

Swim High is just a song that oozes cool, but really slowly, like honey out of a jar. Slow but never slowing, this seemingly effortless piece of music is a great example of succinct electronic music, aided by some beautiful vocals. Swim High sounds good as background music or as the centre of attention at any summer event!

Don’t worry, Anime Pocket Reviews Ep. 50 is still going out this week – in fact our look at the anime Honey and Clover will arrive in your hand on Wednesday! So, look forward to that – I certainly enjoyed putting it together – and have a great week with lots of love from The Culture Cove.

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