Nautilus: Anna Meredith – Song of the Week

Welcome to a new week!

This Monday we’re starting you off with a really interesting piece from classical composer turned electronic producer Anna Meredith. This is Nautilus.

Born in London but raised in Scotland, Anna Meredith first made a name for herself as a composer of classical music, breaking out with her 2008 piece froms performed at the Last Night of the Proms, a famous classical music event in Britain. Quickly noticed for her particularly chaotic style she followed it up with an operatic piece before creating Concerto for Beatboxer and Orchestra, a classical piece featuring beatboxing talents. However, it was the acclaimed song HandsFree in 2012, a piece of classical music created by Meredith and performed without a single instrument – featuring beatboxing, stamping, clapping and many other human noises – that was her first true step away from the classical world and towards the mainstream music media. Later that year she released the EP Black Prince Fury with four self-produced pieces of instrumental electronic music, featuring our title song on track 1. In 2016 she released her award-winning debut album Varmints, again featuring this song at first.

Nautilus Anna Meredith - Song of the Week

This is one of those songs that I love, the type of music that shifts and changes in front of a consistent tune, the type of long-winded song that you can almost forget you’re listening to until its mood suddenly shifts and brings you right back in. The tune, like Meredith herself, is rooted in heavy, atmospheric classical music, but its her fantastic electronic twist, her understanding of tempo, rhythm and artistic expression that make this a piece that can seem quite simple on first listen, but upon further inspection is constantly fluctuating and telling multiple tales at once. This is an awesome little gem of a song that bridges the gap between two of my favourite genres, and I couldn’t recommend this enough!

I hope you have a great week, with much love from The Culture Cove!

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