Ugo: The Dead Pirates – Song of the Week

Welcome to a brand new week! This time, we’re marvelling at a multi-talented group combining fantastic sounds with incredible art. This week’s song of the week is Ugo, by The Dead Pirates.

This is a band that have that excellent indie trait of individuals with hands upon multiple tools. A band created in London by French brothers McBess and Ben Franklin Jr., this five-man slow-rock group formed in 2010 and after a string of singles released their first and as of right now only full album, Highmare, in 2016.

The Dead Pirates are as catching visually as they are audibly, and that’s where this band gets interesting. McBess, while being the guitarist for his band, is also one half of McBess & Simon, a French illustration and animation duo making a big name for themselves by producing works for companies such as Nike and Ray-Ban. McBess’s black-and-white style is hugely renowned, and most of The Dead Pirates artwork, and even the video for Ugo above, are done by their founder and guitarist!

Ugo The Dead Pirates - Song of the Week

A beautifully thought-out and explored tune, Ugo is a truly serene piece of soft-rock. With a hypnotic opening riff and a delicate tempo, this is a really interesting ‘rock’ song with many layers, forcing you to listen. This is a really beautiful song, and I hoe you enjoy it as much as I am right now!

This week you may notice some small changes here at The Culture Cove. After nearly four years on your screens, we are going for a rebrand! If I knew we were going to be marvelling at McBess’ work this week, I might have postponed it, but please do tell us what you think of our new logos, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to see the new logo family in action!

Here’s to another four years of The Culture Cove, but first of all have a great week, with lots of love from yours truly.

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