That Easy: Yellow Days – Song of the Week

A little later than usual, but this week’s got plenty to go yet! Get through the rest of it thanks to this strong number by Yellow Days:

Yellow Days is the moniker of George van den Broek a young adult born in Surrey, UK, who is quietly making a name for himself in the British indie scene. A name born out of the artist’s synaesthesia – his ability to see colours in sounds – he has earned rave reviews already for his romantically-inclined songs with an underlaying of sensitive issues, such as mental health, all portrayed by a classically taut British indie-rock voice. The song That Easy features at number two on his album Is Everything Okay in Your World?

Yellow Days - Is Everything Okay in Your World?

Is Everything Okay in Your World? (2017) – Yellow Days

A grainy take on classic Brit indie-rock stereotypes mixed with a touch of tragedy dressed as psychedelia, this is a song that pleases on so many counts. Full of meaning but also just as good to nod your head along to, this is just one example of a kid that is definitely worth getting on the train with at this early stage of his music career.

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