Best Anime Intros Winter 2019

Welcome to an alternate take on Music Monday!

Usually, we like to start the week off with a new song to inspire you through another seven days of January toil. However, we thought we would switch it up for this blue Monday – it’s all about treating yourself, after all!

So, right now we’re all about New Year, New Anime. While we’re very early on, the current season of anime titles is looking surprisingly strong, with plenty of new and exciting shows to get into every week. More than anything, though, I don’t remember an anime cycle that had so many good intros!

From dark fantasy titles to school comedies and a particularly eccentric action series, here are some of our favourite intros from the Winter 2019 anime series. See any that we’ve missed? Let us know through our social media channels!

Boogiepop and Others

An anime whose plot I’m still trying to work out, Boogiepop is a dark fantasy playing out through the lives of high school children. This story is heavy on the psychology, which plays a key role in this very open and emotive intro, our favourite opening (and ending, we might add) of this season.

Kakegurui XX

The second season of the love-it-or-hate-it, sexually-charged gambling series seen the characters return, and the new intro takes a lot of inspiration from the excellent intro of season one. With another catchy song and flowing picture, this is another intro that condenses the feeling of its series really well.

Love is War

A simple series at heart, this intro is probably the coolest we have ever seen for a high school comedy. Stylised like a James Bond intro sequence, this slick and smooth video plays out to a really catchy song that ebbs and flows, the intro seemingly doing a two-step dance with the singer! Don’t believe us? Watch it below!

Mob Psycho 100 II

Another series making its return, the expansive action comedy series, like Kakegurui, had a very good intro to live up to. Somehow, it has manages to one-up the extremely erratic intro from the first season with a sequence that is full of the chaos of the previous, but perfectly marries it with highlights that are actually possible to follow and understand!

If you want to get more of an anime fix, why not check out our best anime intros of all time list? Also, make sure to subscribe for regular anime reviews and recommendations!


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