Holy Toledo: Vundabar – Song of the Week

A classic piece of low-key indie rock for you this week as we leave the worst of winter behind… hopefully.

Hailing from Boston, USA, Vundabar are a three-piece indie rock band that take pride in their independence. Popular around the indie rock scene in America, very little is discoverable about this group on first glance except a popular Bandcamp page through which they sell the three albums they have created up to this point. Holy Toledo features at number three on their debut album, Antics, released in 2013.

Vundabar Antics Album Cover

Antics (2013) – Vundabar

A quintessentially indie group, Vundabar relies heavily on simple melodies and catchy tunes. However, their music carries, and in a weird way it feels almost British on first listen! Simple and honest music that will leave you hooked, Holy Toledo is a really good piece of indie music!

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