Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) – Tuesday’s Trailer

It’s worth noting that I have not seen the first film, and don’t intend to see this either – it’s just not my thing! However, I can understand why people like the franchise, and this looks like a pretty good movie!

The cast looks really good! Anna Kendrick is a much renowned and respected actress, and she will definitely help sell this movie. However, it’s the lesser known Rebel Wilson that interests me! I have never seen any of her previous work, but I’ve seen her doing the rounds on chat shows in the UK, and she is hilarious! In this trailer she seems like the main attraction, and I’m convinced she will be one of the top funny-women in cinema very soon.

This film is the first feature-length film directed by Elizabeth Banks. More famous for her prestigious acting career, her most recent role being Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games franchise, this is a really interesting move by Universal, especially given the only previous directing of any seriousness she’s done is one scene of comedy flop Movie 43. The directing looks solid enough here, but you won’t really be able to tell how well she’s done until you see the film.

This is a change from the director of the first Pitch Perfect, Jason Moore. It is worth noting that Pitch Perfect was also his first feature-length film, having only directed TV series’ before it! Something to give Elizabeth Banks hope.

As mentioned before, I’m not really the right person to be looking at this trailer! With that in mind, here is guest writer Rachel Geiger’s opinion on the upcoming sequel:

“So Pitch Perfect 2 is back with the complete original ensemble cast. They also have a few new faces in the group including Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld. The trailer shows that the girls will be singing a new version of the “Cups” song that became a sensation after the first movie. In my opinion, they need to move on from this one song and tryout more new songs. Rebel Wilson is hilarious as ever in the trailer and Anna Kendrick is her quirky and likable self.”

Read Rachel’s review of Pitch Perfect here!

Set for release on 15th May, this is bound to be a hit with the same crowd as the first. I wouldn’t necessarily expect this to crush its predecessor as I don’t see how this attracts a new audience to the last film, but it will still perform well for Universal.

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