Los Angeles: St Vincent – Song of the Week

We are starting off this cold December with a lively song from one of the most interesting performers in the business right now. This is the renowned St. Vincent!

Born Anne Erin Clarke, St. Vincent is a famously extravagant performer known for her almost signature blend of experimental rock and electronic tones that cross multiple genres. Performing under the moniker since 2006, St. Vincent has consistently received critical acclaim ever since her debut album, Marry Me, in 2007. Her fourth eponymous album, released in 2014, won her multiple album of the year awards in the US and UK, cementing her status as one of the most acclaimed indie soloists of this decade. The single Los Angeles features at #5 on her following album, MASSEDUCTION. The song recently rose to fame thanks to its appearance in season five of Bojack Horseman, the Netflix animated series.

St Vincent - MASSEDUCTION Cover Art

St Vincent, MASSEDUCTION (2017)

A perfect example of St. Vincent’s incredibly fluid style, this combination of pop-rock and experimental electronica plays out in the background of the performer’s hauntingly simple vocals. A song full of meaning and emotion, this short tale is not only well crafted but is genuinely good to listen to from the first moment to the last.

We hope this song starts your week off in the right way! Remember to subscribe for weekly music recommendations and have a superb start to December, with lots of love from The Culture Cove!

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