Yuugure no Tori: Shinsei Kamattechan – Song of the Week

A quick and easy song of the week this time around, inspired by the coming week’s entertainment here at The Culture Cove. Here is Yuugure no Tori (translate: The Bird at Dusk).

Note that the lyrics seen in the video below are actually slightly incorrect, for whatever reason…

Shinsei Kamattechan are an indie rock band formed in Chiba, Japan, in 2007. The four-piece is something of a rarity in terms of their organic success – the group rose to fame through self-released videos and indie albums before signing a major record deal with Warner Bros. Japan in 2010. This kind of rise is much rarer in Japan and has seen this group become a major artistic hit nationally, including the fact that the lead singer, Noko, is famous for not appearing in band interviews. The song you hear above is more widely known as the theme to the end credits of the second season of the hugely popular Japanese anime series, Attack on Titan, which you can see below.

Warning: The following contains some quite harrowing imagery!

It is during this scene that we first discovered this song, and this is the reason it features this week. The beautiful song combines desperately with the imagery to create a wonderful moment of horror storytelling! This song came back to our attention as we prepare to begin our 2018 Anime Awards recap! Included in our review of all the anime series we’ve seen this year is our favourite opening and ending credits from 2018, so make sure you’re subscribed to hear the best sounds from the anime year later this week!

And, of course, have a great week with lots of love from The Culture Cove!

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